let your senses free


The swimming pool at the highest point of the hotel premises simulates the feeling of diving into the magnificent landscape while unwinding calmly.

The pool area is the perfect spot to enjoy the spectacular sunset embraced by the breathtaking views.


The terrace at the top of the hotel offers a 360 view to the caldera and the sea, and is elegantly furnished to provide comfort and relaxation.

The terrace is the ideal place to start your day gazing at the bright colors of the sky, the sea and the white town hanging from the cliffs, and the best spot to end your day relaxing in front of the spectacular scenery painted by the sunset colors.


Our philosophy is that every guest should feel at ease, pampered and care free. That is why breakfast is served in your own private balcony, so you can start your day feeling refreshed and enjoy the view that lays just a step away from your comfortable bed.

Yes, you woke up in Santorini today!